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MArk feinberg

  The path to my career as an orthodontist was certainly not a linear one, but the orthodontic seed was planted early on in my young life. My dad began his career as an exceptional general dentist who decided to return to school after service in the army to complete his orthodontic residency. As a young boy, my curiosity with orthodontics was first piqued by the unfinished white dental study models that dad would bring home on a regular basis to our basement lab. There he laboriously trimmed, polished, soaped and dried them to allow them to be viewed for future diagnostic analysis.


  As this was pre-digital age, he would later share with me the many amazing success stories (the beautiful smiles he created) by showing me before and after models and slides. So, it wasn’t a huge leap when I decided ultimately to pursue a career in dentistry and eventually the specialty of orthodontics. I joined my father’s practice full-time after graduating and was able to spend the next 10 years practicing next to my dad before he retired. This was truly a blessing and an incredibly transformative experience for both of us. We both believe that our patients are part of our extended family, and I consider it a gift that I have been given to be able to really make a difference in the lives of my patients...



"My smile has never been more genuine"


January 10, 2023

"This was a smooth and most effortless experience"


February 10, 2023

"Dr. Mark really knows what he's doin!"


March 10, 2023